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6th Grade 
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   Week 37:  Unity 

I am in unity with others.  I appreciate differences.  I do not support prejudice.  I am a peacemaker.  I care for the earth and all living things. 

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Important Dates:

  • May 23: (W) Fun day
  • May 24: (TH) Virtue Assembly/Graduation!

Spanish: (Senora Bendon: [email protected])

DUE el 8 de mayo: Finish writing out 10+ questions from Lección Preliminar

DUE el 10 de mayo: Write out 10+ questions from Unidad 1 / Lección 1

DUE el 15 de mayo: Write out 10+ questions from  Unidad 1/Lección 2 and practice for EXAMEN ORAL

jueves, el 17 de mayo: EXAMEN ORAL

English Language Arts (Mrs. Rudow: [email protected])

U.S. History (Mrs. Rudow: [email protected])
Math : Mrs Takase: [email protected]
  • Complete: .That's all folks....Happy Summer!
  • Correct:.
  • Upcoming:
  • IXL: .
  • Each unit must be completed for a minimum of 20 minutes with a 70% smart score or has reached mastery 
6th Science   Mrs. Johnson - [email protected]

Monday, 7th - all week with presentations last couple of days

6th graders  Renewable Resources - Biomass in Hawaii Webquest - students create a storyboard (see guidelines - should not take more than 3 classes)

Game show 5/7

I am still encouraging students to explore things that interest them for extra credit. See me for ideas. There are also ideas posted on the Daily Class Links button.

  • Please check the science resource page for class notes, vocabulary, and video links as well as any detailed assignment descriptions
How to get to FossWeb:
2. Click on Class Login
3. username: cardenscience
4. password: ScienceRocks808